How to Get a Big Dick

How to get a bigger dick

Get a Bigger Dick, Improve Your Confidence & Satisfy Your Woman

So the reason that you have found yourself on this website is pretty simple, it’s because as a man you want to know how to get a big dick naturally in order to please your partner. Whether they be a male or female, it doesn’t really matter you still want to satisfy them.

No doubt you’ve been trying, or at least have heard of the various and numerous penis enlargement products that label themselves as magical “cures” for this common problem. If you’ve tried them, you’ll be more than aware of the futility of some of these products, put plain and simply they just don’t work.

If you’re anything like the majority of men out there then you want to please your partner and have the confidence in bed to drive them wild. Get a bigger dick and you will have the confidence to perform in bed without ever having to worry about size, you will be full of confidence and you’ll just perform.

Getting a big dick can seem like an impossible challenge, as just mentioned the supposed miracle cures out there don’t work so it can become extremely frustrating and often you just don’t know where to turn next.

Well if the above rings true to you then you’ve come to the right place, excuse the pun.

Natural, Fast & Without Pills or Creams

Our system enables you to find out exactly how to make your dick bigger naturally without pills and fast!

This might seem too good to be true, but don’t take our word for it see what some of the people who have used the system say…

“Are you kidding me! 2 ½ inches of actual growth? I never thought that could be possible until I opened up Penis Growth Guide.

 And the best part is that there is nothing dangerous or weird about it, just all-natural, common sense techniques.

Thanks for changing my life.”

 Peter, Glasgow, U.K.

“Too often I would just shy away from sex because I felt like there was no way I could please my girlfriend. Now I can’t wait to have sex and my girlfriend basically begs me for it every night. Couldn’t have done it without your product. My penis literally has gained over one inch in just a couple weeks.

Here’s to keep it going.”

Matthew, Manchester, U.K.

“Ever since a young age I felt that I was just not big enough to please a woman. I needed to add inches to my penis and get my self-confidence back.

That’s exactly what’s happened with Penis Growth Guide. Real results with no health side effects. That’s what I was looking for. Now, I don’t worry about my girlfriend leaving me because I can’t please her.

I please her over and over just about every night. Thanks again!”

Jeff, Montana, U.S.A.

You will often hear women say that size doesn’t matter, well that is a matter of perspective. To you the size of your penis does matter, I am sure you’ve often said to yourself “I want a big dick“. It makes you feel good about yourself and gives you the confidence to perform better in bed. Confidence also makes you more attractive to a woman, she can sense your confidence a mile away.

It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, short or tall, fat or skinny, it also doesn’t matter how much or how little sexual experience you have our system is guaranteed to work for you, and if you’re not happy in any way then you can just get your money back!

Think about it logically, if you ever say to yourself that you’re unhappy with how big my dick is then there is a good chance that the woman in your life might be as well. It’s time to stop worrying and do something about it, stop thinking about trying to find ways to get a bigger dick and take action now!

Confidence that Improves Your Life

Remember, the size of your dick doesn’t just affect your sexual activity, the affects can be felt in many other areas of your life. Confidence is king in the bedroom, but it’s also ever so important in your career and in the kinds of relationships that you have with your friends and family or any other kind of social activity. It can also have a lasting impact on your relationship with your partner, confidence makes you far more attractive and pleasurable to be around.

We’re not saying that the size of your dick determines who you are, of course not! But you must come to realise that it does have a big impact in many parts of your life.

It can cause you to worry about being cheated on or left.

Most scientific research in the area agrees that the average size of a man’s penis when fully erect is approximately 5 1/2 inches.

Unfortunately, if you ask may women what size of penis they would like ideally they usually opt for something in the 7 to 8 inches.

Ways to get a larger dick naturally without pills

Get a Bigger Dick No Matter Who You Are

Is it possible to get a bigger dick in this size range? The good news is that no matter the size of your dick, how tall your are, how much you weigh or any other factors that you can think of it is completely achievable.

Yes it is true, we can show you how to naturally get a big dick fast without the need for pills or anything artificial.

Get more confidence and satisfy your woman

We want to put tricks, gimmicks and false promise completely out of your mind.

With this system we can completely alleviate any concerns that you have about taking unsafe pills and creams or ridiculous claims made by condom companies that their product will improve your stamina. That’s without even mentioning those crazy penis pump machines that are embarrassing to use.

Over 200 thousand satisfied clients have effectively used this natural way to increase your dick size, and guess what? Over 98% of the people who have used this system have found success!

This really can change your life, so what are you waiting for?

Start on your journey to getting a longer dick, a stronger dick and most importantly get a bigger dick!

It’s simple, all that is required is just 5 minutes of your time everyday to get this natural system for an enlarged dick to work for you.

Get more girth for your dick to really satisfy your partner permanently.

It’s down to you, do you want to make a change that can help you to stop worrying about the size of your dick? If it really is smaller than you want it to be then you can do something about it today.

Another way to look at it is if you ask a group of men the majority would admit that they prefer a woman to have curves, a nice butt and hot legs. Is it really that much of a stretch to believe that women want a guy with a big dick?

Anatomy of a Penis

The penis is constructed of 3 separate chambers, two on top, one on the bottom of the penis. These chambers have fancy medical names, but as with our entire site, we’re going to leave out the anatomy lesson and put it all in layman’s terms for easier understanding.

What you need to know is the two top chambers are comprised of erectile tissue, which expands as it engorges with blood, resulting in an erection. The bottom chamber contains a much smaller amount of erectile tissue which surrounds your urinary tract. The urinary tract is also what delivers semen from the testicles. Semen is pumped out of the testicles by the Prostate Gland with further assistance from the PC Muscle. It is the PC Muscle which gives your ejaculations their “ummmph”. With a weak, underdeveloped PC Muscle, your ejaculations likely “fall out” of your penis rather than shoot out like a porn star.

How Penis Enlargement Works

This is key to understanding what we can do for you – and understanding this concept will prove to you that penis enlargement is not only possible, but it’s possible for YOU!

As stated above, your penis is made up of three (3) chambers. The chambers are comprised of erectile tissue. To better understand the concept of penis enlargement, think of a muscle – any muscle in your body. How does a muscle grow? It’s a simple matter of over-engorging the muscle with blood – which breaks down the tissue – and allowing it to rebuild – bigger, stronger, more vascular and better! Through the application of PROPER stimulus, the erectile tissue responds very well – better than muscle – to a similar process.

To sum up, your erectile tissue reacts very much in the same manner that a muscle does…only better!

Muscle growth is limited by many genetic factors such as testosterone (“boy” hormone) and Human Growth Hormone (self explanatory) levels in the body, vascular limitations (the capacity of the blood vessels to move sufficient blood to nourish the muscle tissue), limitations of the skeletal and ligament systems (it can be difficult to pack muscle mass onto a weak frame) of the body, etc. The beautiful thing about the penis is it’s tissue “make up!” Erectile tissue is what we call Universal Tissue. It is the same from man to man. Erectile tissue does suffer from most of these same limitations but due to its nature there’s “a way around” these limitations. There is a lot of very poor information floating around this industry. It seems that all the others will tell you that erectile tissue will break down and regrow bigger and stronger. This is completely false. Once men reach middle adolescence there is just not enough Human Growth Hormone to support this process – PERIOD. So how do we get around these limitations and experience true growth? Please read on and we’ll address all of these limitations one-by-one.

  • First off, the penis does not suffer from skeletal make-up…we’ve all seen skinny, small framed, short men who are hung like mules. We’ve seen very large men who are quite muscular who have smaller than average penises. This is a clear indication that the size of the man is irrelevant to the size of his penis.
  • Now, as I have already stated above, the penis does suffer from HGH levels and, therefore, testosterone levels. The way we get around this is through the make-up of erectile tissue. The cells of erectile tissue are very adaptive and easy to expand the cell size. It is by increasing the capacity of the erectile tissue cells that we create growth. How do we increase the size of the erectile tissue cells? By “encouraging” them to hold more blood, plain and simple.
  • The penis also suffers from limitations in vascularity. Vascularity, simply put, is the ability of the blood vessels of the body and the penis to nourish the penis with a good, healthy and fresh blood supply. We have several exercises that cater to this all important function that will not only increase your ability to experience true growth, but these exercises will also put an end to weak erections, premature ejaculation, impotence and will also create an incredibly healthy reproductive system as a whole so you will live knowing that you have done everything possible to reduce your risk of Prostate Cancer (of course, proper living, diet and exercise will aid you even further).
  • I have saved the big one for last – limitations in the elasticity of the penile tendon. I challenge you to go to all sites out there offering penis enlargement and see if any of them make mention of this truly limiting aspect to your personal development. You are GREATLY LIMITED in your ability to experience any significant measure of gains unless we tackle a way to continually improve the flexibility of the penile tendon.

Benefits of a Bigger Penis

  • Improved self-esteem
  • More confidence
  • More active sex life
  • Satisfied partner(s)
  • More ability to attract women
  • Happy relationships

Facts About Dick Size

Here are some facts to consider:

  • Just under 70% of men orgasm within 5 minutes of initial penetration with their partner, whereas 90% of women need more than 20 minutes of penetration to reach climax.
  • In excessive of 75% of women fake orgasms in order to keep their relationship going.
  • Unbelievably 3/4 of women report never achieving an orgasm from their man during sexual relations.
  • Over 50% of married women cheat precisely for this reason.
  • 7/10 serious relationships will come to an end because of an unfulfilled sex life.
  • Over 60% of men confess to  having girlfriends or wives that  never ask or initiate sex.

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